David Gardner



"The space in my pictures are generously filled up by the presence, energy and spirit of the human figure: A figuration that searches beyond the parameters of the paper and canvas; yearning to be liberated from the frame, investigating that other place beyond the senses and all that is tangible in the world. I use my own body and flesh as the subject in the drawings and paintings, alongside imagined and observed landscapes, both celestial and Earthly. The images are coming from ideas and experiences around queerness, ritual, meditation, prayer, dreams, transcendence, and the universal connectivity between everything corporeal and beyond. My gaze is mostly introverted and directed inward, investigating that vast inner landscape that many call the soul, searching for the authentic self beyond ego, name and all that attaches itself to outward personality."

David's work belongs to the Royal collection, V&A Collection, Sir Paul Smith collection, Sir Mike Moritz collection, as well as private collections internationally. 

David studied at Central Saint Martins graduating with a BA in womenswear fashion design (2011) and also at the Royal Drawing School, on the postgraduate Drawing Year (2019).

David was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England (1987). 

David lives and works in London.

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